Gang Injunctions

Gang Injunctions have proven to be one of the most effective legal tools available to law enforcement in suppressing and disrupting the criminal and often violent activities of Los Angeles street gangs and protecting the communities and neighborhoods they terrorize.  Because of their success, in both the courts and the communities, there are currently more than 46 permanent Gang Injunctions in place in the City of Los Angeles enjoining the activities of 79 criminal street gangs.

Current Citywide Gang Injunction Map

Permanent Civil Injunctions

 Injunction  Map
 5th & Hill    View Map
 6 Gang  (All For Crime, Barrio Mojados, Blood Stone Villains, Florencia, Oriental Boyz, Pueblo Bishpos)  View Map
 10 Gang(18th Street, Crazy Riders, Down In Action, Krazy Town, La Raza Loca, Orphans, Rockwood Street Locos, Varrio Vista RIFA, Wanderers, Witmer Street Locos)  View Map
 18th Street - Hollywood    View Map
 18th Street - Pico Union    View Map
 18th Street - Wilshire    View Map
 18th Street Gang - Southwest    View Map
 38th Street    View Map
 42nd Street, 43rd Street & 48th  Street Gangster Crips    View Map
 204th Street & Eastside Torrance    View Map
 Avenues    View Map
 Barrio Van Nuys    View Map
 Big Hazard    View Map
 Black P Stones    View Map
 Blythe Street Gang   View Map
 Bounty Hunters     View Map
 Canoga Park Alabama    View Map
 Clover, Eastlake & Lincoln Heights    View Map
 Culver City Boys  View Map
 Dogtown    View Map
 Eastside Pain     View Map
 Eastside Wilmas Gang & Westside   Wilmas Gang   View Map
 Fremont (Swan Bloods, Florencia 13, Main Street Crips, 7 Trey       Hustlers/Gangster Crips  View Map
 Grape Street Crips    View Map
 Harbor City & Harbor City Crips  View Map
 Harpys    View Map
 Highland Park    View Map
 Hoover & Trouble   View Map
 KAM    View Map
 Langdon Street Gang  View Map
 Mara Salvatrucha   View Map
 Pacoima Project Boys  View Map
 Playboys      View Map
 Rancho San Pedro  View Map
 Rolling 40, 46 Top Dollar Hustler & 46 Neighborhood  Crips   View Map
 Rolling Sixty Crips  View Map
 San Fer   View Map
 School Yard Crips & Geer Street  Crips  View Map
 Temple Street   View Map
 Toonerville  View Map
 Varrio Nuevo Estrada  View Map
 Venice 13 Gang    View Map
 Venice Shoreline Crips     View Map
 White Fence  View Map
 Columbus Street  View Map
 6 Gang Glendale Corridor (Big Top Lococs, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frog Town Rifas, Head Hunters)  View Map

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